Top 9 Apps & Gadgets For Your Motorcycle Ride


Smart phones, apps, and other technological advances have undoubtedly changed the way we live our everyday lives. From setting a security alarm on your home from across the globe to getting a notification when an old high school friend is nearby, our lives have become convenient and connected. Driving cars is one of the main benefactors of these advances from finding the best gas prices near your route to notifying of traffic backups in real time. The big question is β€œcan motorcycle riders get all or some of these same conveniences as car and truck drivers?” The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ and these top apps prove that point:

1. TapaTalk – Online forum app

The Internet is full of weirdos, few people would debate that. What the ‘net also offers to riders though is a wealth of online resources to find out about upcoming rides and to network with other bikers. Most riders are members of multiple online motorcycle forums and what TapaTalk does is integrate all of these different web sites into one easy to navigate app. Most riders have found that TapaTalk works great for when they have a question about repairing their specific bike – posting a question and then monitoring the feedback which is great before the ride.

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