Top 10 Benefits of an Electric Motorcycle

futuristic sound

It’s no secret that the push for electric cars has gained significant steam in the past couple years. Vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Spark still sport a price tag nearing $30,000 but that’s down about $10,000 from just 5 years ago. Plus more and more petro stops and even convenience stores like IKEA are outfitting their property with charging stations causing people to seriously start to consider the electric car as an option.

Of course, that’s just cars though and the motorcycle crowd traditionally has been more about horsepower and rumble than watts and voltage. It may come as a surprise then that electric motorcycles going mainstream might be closer than you think, especially after Harley Davidson released their LiveWire model in late 2014, the first electric two-wheeler out of Milwaukee. Nobody’s going to argue there’s still a long way to go for the electric cycle to become a reality, but here are some of the benefits the technology could bring:

1. Futuristic Sound

One of the biggest allures of a street bike or cruising is the rumbling between your legs and unlike cars which at try and dull the sound of an exhaust, on a motorcycle it’s almost like a badge of honor. After all the thundering of 5-10 bikes barreling through the countryside approaching a town is very reminiscent to the impending presence of Old West desperadoes as their stallions’ hooves pounded the ground. Because of this fact alone an electric motorcycle seems like a hard sell, after all there’s field mice that announce their arrival louder than a Prius. Electric bike manufacturers know they’ll never emulate a V-Twin, but have implemented a futuristic, high-pitch whir to the motor that’s louder than you think.

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