Best Cars of 2016

In the 20th century, a big concern when buying a car was the risk of buying a badly engineered or badly manufactured automobile. Now in 2016, the chance of purchasing a true lemon of an automobile is very unlikely. And with the huge variety of vehicles on the market, it is becoming easier and easier to find a vehicle that ...

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10 Best Cheap Hybrid and Electric Cars

Despite the recent plunge in gasoline prices, hybrid and electric cars remain a popular vehicle option, especially for daily commuters. However, both hybrid and electric cars cost on average $5,000 more than their gasoline-only vehicle counterparts. The additional cost derives from the money required to cover the cost of constructing and installing the electric motor and battery. Because of the ...

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12 Best Redesigned Cars for 2015

Car-design lifecycles are becoming briefer. Automakers know new sells and today, new means more than freshened styling. The pace of change in powertrains, safety features, and connectivity is rapid and unyielding. A plan that not long ago relied on a basic automotive design that could serve for six or seven model years with a midcycle update around year four is ...

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12 Best Crossover SUVs

As of October 2014, crossover SUVs have overtaken midsize sedans as the best-selling vehicle segment in the United States. With literally dozens of competitors, automakers have to be on their A-games in order to get shoppers to open their checkbooks. In this list, we present 12 of the best crossovers. Arranged alphabetically, they represent a variety of sizes, prices, and ...

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12 Best 2015 Vehicles

Any list of yearly “bests” is subjective to varying degrees – one person’s meat is another’s poison, to paraphrase an old saying. That’s especially true in the automotive arena, where some buyers might favor ultimate comfort and convenience over sheer performance, while others won’t sleep comfortably unless they know the car they drive leads all comers in terms of 0-60 ...

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11 Amazing Cars That Are Cheap

It’s easy to be amazingly cheap. A 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage starts at just $13,805, peanuts for a new car these days. But the underpowered hatchback is cramped, crude, and incredibly ugly. The trick is to be amazing and cheap. So presented here alphabetically are 12 easily affordable new cars with road manners that won’t bore you, styling that won’t make ...

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