8 Tips for Getting a Motorcycle Ready For Spring

Step 1

There are a plethora of reasons why the Winter can be so annoying; the constant shoveling of sidewalks, the bitter cold temperatures, the high utility bills, and the shorter days to name a few but the biggest downfall is easy to name – motorcycles don’t ride well on snow. Yes, it’s with a bitter tear that we say goodbye to our bikes every November but like a kid crossing off the calendar in a countdown to Christmas, every Winter night in the books is one day closer to getting back on two wheels. Much like a heavy round of Spring cleaning to the home, here are some tips for preparing to get the bike out of hibernation.

Step One : Winterize It Last Year

It’s a statement that’s been repeated so Ad nauseum that it’s actually annoying but ‘failing to prepare’ really is ‘preparing to fail’. It doesn’t do much good if you’re reading this in the Spring but winterizing your bike before storage next year really is the most convenient way to get it ready to ride again. The main points of winterizing include:

• Fuel treatment – While some would argue to drain the tank that actually has a tendency to cause rust. Instead fill the tank with gas and add a cold weather fuel treatment before running the engine so the treatment can cycle through the lines.
• Remove battery – Cold weather is catastrophic to a battery so it’s best to remove it and place it somewhere warm for the Winter.
• Fill tires – The cold will suck the air out of the tires and cause flat spots so fill them up and get them off the ground with a stand if possible.
• Cover air box – The air box will absorb moist air over the Winter so it’s best to shove a rag in the opening. You should do this to the exhaust as well.
• Get a cat – Rodents will nest in the air filter and chew through the wires on your bike so cover it, inspect it often, or protect it in some wives tale way such as tobasco sauce, soda pop, dryer sheets, or peppermint.

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