10 Toughest Looking Motorcycles

Triumph Rocket III Roadster

No guy wants to ride on a bike that looks like it is on its way to a tea party. While some people simply want to look manly, others want to look at tough as possible. These are some tough bikes to give guys a little street cred when they ride along the roadways.

1 – Triumph Rocket III Roadster

If you like big, tough looking bikes with big engines, the Triumph Rocket III Roadster just might be right for you. It gets its power from the 203-liter, three-cylinder engine. A weak frame can’t handle such a big engine which is why the Triumph Rocket III Roadster sports a tubular steel twin spine frame and a 16-inch rear wheel. Even with all of this, it is the chrome-finished front engine dresser bars that really make it stand out. It also makes a statement with its combination of chrome and black detailing. All of these features make it look like the toughest bike on the road and if you’re on it you’ll look like the toughest biker by default.

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