10 Coolest Classic Motorcycles

Harley Davidson WLA

The arrival of New Year marks the entry of latest bike models with more power and oomph. Still, we should not forget the classic bikes of the bygone era that shaped the current automobile industry’s very culture and identity. Most of the modern bikes that you see on the showrooms have been inspired from classic bikes of the past.
In this article, we pay homage to 10 coolest bikes of a time long gone. Although these bikes are not produced any more, they have become a part of America’s cultural history. Many of the classic bikes mentioned here have made their appearance in movies. These two-wheeled classic bikes of the past have been able to capture attention of the masses upon launch due to innovative design, powerful engine, reliable performance, or a combination of all that.

1. Harley Davidson WLA
Harley Davidson manufactured WLA for the U.S. army during the Second World War. The WLA is slightly different from the civilian WL model. The fenders were modified in the WLA model to avoid being clogged from mud. Some WLA models even came with leg guards and windshields. Finally, the WLA model came installed with blackout lights to use when driving with a convoy at night.
Production of the WLA model lasted from 1940 – 1945 and 1949 – 1952 during which around 90,000 motorcycles were produced. These were one of the coolest heavy motorcycles ever built by the iconic American bike company Harley Davidson.

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