10 Best Motorcycles of 2016

Indian Chief Dark Horse

It’s always exciting when a new year is about to roll around because a new year means new motorcycles. While the 2015 motorcycles were full of exciting features, the 2016 motorcycles might be even better. While there are a lot of great 2016 models coming out, some stand out among the rest. These are sure to make some serious waves when they hit dealerships around the world.

1. Indian Chief Dark Horse

The Indian Chief Dark Horse is a bit of a departure from the classic Indian Chief bike. While it resembles the Chief Classic (except for the blacked-out finish), it is more of an entry-level bike for heavy riders. The bike targets 40-year-olds instead of the usual 55 year old demographic that the company goes after and has some price-reducing features such as a vinyl seat. This is a great option for people who want to ride with the big boys but don’t have the bank account to back it up.

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