10 Best Luxury Motorcycles

Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle

Luxury bikes are notable for their superior maneuverability, brute force, and smooth design. They command attention of people with high taste and deep pockets. The paints of these bikes are more vivid, engines more lucid, and they handle exceptionally well on the road. Luxury bikes have lower service costs and are more reliable than an average bike.
Here we present a list of 10 luxury bikes that pack brute power and are speed sufficient to satisfy any bike aficionado with ease.

1. Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle – $15,849
Harley Davidson has long been a favorite heavyweight bike for most Americans. The brand portrays a macho image of highway rebel. The V-Rod Muscle certainly lives up to its expectation as one of the most powerful heavy bike designed for highway cruising.
V-Rod muscle boasts of a liquid-cooled 122hp V-Twin engine that delivers maximum torque of 87 ft-lb at 6,750 rpm. The bike also features a sleek fuel tank that offers fuel consumption of 37 mpg. If you are looking for an imposing bike with ultra modern look, then you V-Rod is certainly the best bike of its class.

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