10 Best Harley Davidson Motorcycles of All Time

1915 11F

Harley Davidson has been around for over 100 years and during that time it has managed to make some amazing motorcycles. Some of these motorcycles have faded from memory while others are still talked about and, in some cases, ridden. These are considered to be the best Harley Davidson motorcycles of all time.

1. 1915 11F

The 1915 11F revolutionized the motorcycling world. As the first Harley with a 3-speed transmission, it also has an automatic oiler and large intake valves allowing it to boost up to 11 horsepower. It even has a removable nighttime service light. While it might not be practical to take this bad boy out on the road today, it’s still an important part of Harley history. It took the motorcycle maker to the next level and showed that it put comfort right up there with performance and style.

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