10 Best Cheap Motorcycles

Johnny Pag Falcon 320i

Most Americans are still reeling from the previous economic downturn that was marked by a record level of unemployment. Many haven’t fully recovered from the economic meltdown that created a big dent in the pockets of Americans. That is why, a number of bike manufacturers have been making a big push to introduce latest model two-wheelers that are affordably priced.
In case you were looking for a cheap motorcycle, you should continue reading as we countdown 10 least expensive bikes that you can buy in 2015.

1. Johnny Pag Falcon 320i – $4999
The American bike company, Johnny Pag, touts that it puts its soul, passion, and attitude in creating insanely cool bikes. At first glance, the company’s Falcon 320i certainly looks chic, stylish, and attractive. When you look at the specs, you will find that it is also one of the hottest affordable bikes available in the market.
Falcon 320i is powered by a 320cc twin, four stroke engine that provides an exceptional power of 23.80 hp at 6500 rpm. The bike boasts of an inverted fork and twin discs up front that result in exceptional handling on the road. And the best thing about the bike is that it is made in U.S.A.

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