10 Best Cheap Hybrid and Electric Cars

Honda Fit EV

Honda Fit EV

Although the new 2015 Honda Fit exceeds the $30,000 cost limit, consumers can find older versions of the electric car that fall below the cost threshold. The 2015 Fit should also cost less than $35,000 in les than two years, as depreciation for electric cars runs high during the first two years. A 20 kWh lutetium-ion battery replete with super charged ion battery modules produce rabbit like acceleration. Charging of the battery takes less than three hours, which represents on of the quickest charging electric only vehicles on the market. The Honda Fit delivers 189 pounds-feet of torque, which is nearly 80 percent more torque than the torque delivered by the gasoline-powered Honda Fit. Honda has designed the electric-powered Fit to range 82 miles and generate 123 horsepower, with both numbers sitting at the top of the electric car class. The unique five-door design separates the hatchback from other electric-only powered vehicles.

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